Broker Pre-License Classes


90 Hour Broker Pre-License Education

A broker is any person who for compensation or valuable consideration is employed either directly or indirectly by a licensed real estate brokerage firm to perform certain acts: to sell, offer to sell, buy, offer to buy, negotiate the purchase, sale, exchange of real estate or to negotiate leases thereof.  A real estate broker must work under the direction of a managing broker at all times.

The 90 hour educational requirement is broken down into two specific courses of study. The first course is a 75 Credit Hour Broker Pre-License Course which may be classroom or some type of approved distance learning course.  The second course is a 15 Credit Hour Applied Real Estate Principles Course which must be completed after Course One and must be presented in a classroom or by some other real time interactive media. 

75 Credit Hour Broker Pre-License Course

This course is a text book based correspondence course.  The student receives a text book and workbook that guides him through the study.  Quizzes are returned for scoring.  The student must score 75% on each quiz before completing the course final exam.  The course includes text book, workbook and instructor support. The class may be started at anytime and completed at your own pace.  Course must be completed within 6 months. Illinois License #513.001062   Get started on your career today! 

On line class also available!

15 Credit Hour Applied Real Estate Principles Course

This course is conducted in an actual classroom setting!  What better way to learn to apply the topics learned in Course 1 than lively interaction between a knowledgable instructor and other students? Learn from each other in this exciting live format!  The class is scheduled at various times and locations throughout the year.  If you have earned a 75 hour certificate for Course 1, you are eligible to enroll in one of these lively class sessions.  Illinois License #513.001062. Course fee $190.00. Class Schedule

Broker Pre-License Combo Package

Package includes both Course 1 and Course 2.  Course Fee $590.00.  Enroll Today!











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